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The Price Of Karan Johar’s Bag Is More Than The Money I Earned In 2017

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To think of it, when it comes to style, Karan Johar has always had a cachet in our lives. And seeing it as a mark of respect or a seal of encouragement, we’ve (almost) always applauded his every move. There’s a certain international-twang to his menswear abilities that in all probability, is only reserved with famous men like him. Though, he could be sporting a lot of merchandise that’s out of a lot of humans’ reach — at least he wears them well. And that’s all that matters, really.

And today, we’re here to talk of another such example, that features the directional maverick in another relevant outfit to cop. But while the ensemble as seen from a viewer’s perspective, isn’t appearing as a try-hard (more chill and easy-to-slip-into, in fact), the man’s duffel bag is the point to discuss here. Though, the pop colour of the bag and it’s gym-ready shape is a terrific mention anyway, they’re all just a sample of the glorious nature of it’s existence. Wait till you hear it’s MRP.

For a quick recap, however, remember when he wore Balenciaga’s dirty sneakers for a casual out-and-about?


Though, Johar’s Triple S kicks are highly exclusive and now sold-out, they come at a price of Rs. 52,000 (approx). Not forgetting, even his sweatshirt here is nothing less than Rs. 45,000.

Somewhere around the same time, he also wore a Junya Watanabe paint-splattered jacket, retailing at close to INR 1.12 lakhs.


But that was his past. Coming to his most recent outing (featuring the pop red duffel), let’s first talk of his checked jacket. Though, his last PVC trench coat that was a checked in nature too…


…this time, Karan’s gone for a more shorter and summer layering-appropriate choice here. It’s almost like a blazer, just a lot less claustrophobic and lending more ease than polish to the human:


Clearly, this quite the winning outfit, yeah?

But here’s the drop: the Supreme x Lousi Vuitton bag that’s in Johar’s hand, retails at a price of $3,650 (approx. Rs. 2,38,000). However, it’s almost impossible to grab one in today’s date. It’s now officially a sold-out piece of style and according to, now grabs up to $7,199 (approx. Rs. 4,70,000) even as a pre-owned piece.


Now that’s something!

Courtesy: Mensxp

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